Just another reason you shouldn’t litter!!

Just another reason you shouldn’t litter!!

So as you are all getting to know me, something you should know about me is I am a massive lover of animals and our environment. I have mentioned this before, but just can’t express how passionate I am about it.

Attached is a link of my fiancĂ© ( Who wasn’t happy that from my hospital bed I had sent to him) introducing “Frank” whom I named, and his story. Frank had a plastic milk jug ring caught around his neck and beak and this caused him to fly into my window ( cracked it) and was found in the window well 😩

My fiancé and father brought him in the house where he spent the evening in my soaker tub swimming around and had a nest of towels in the corner! He loved it!!

Sadly, Frank died the following night. He had suffered brain damage. This is why we should all care A LOT more!!


This will be my first of many posts…..be warned!

Who I am will never change! I am writing this blog for a few different reasons, and maybe as I go along it will become clear that I have a lot of thoughts, and just have no idea what to do with them, where they are stored half the time, and could be why they tend to jump out of nowhere!

1- I am a mother, to 3 girls, and apparently am having another little girl. 4 girls… wow! Won’t lie, I was certainly looking for that boy but just wouldn’t happen! ( there is that thoughts jumping out thing again!) So ringing us back to the point, money. I have heard people make a fuss about making money having your own blog, so wanting to help my GROWING family, it seemed suiting to try to earn extra for the fam-jam while finally getting these thoughts out of my head! GENIOUS!

2- As I mentioned in the above, my thoughts are always there. To be honest, its a nagging, lonely world with myself and thoughts without a release! They do so many exchanges a day I wonder if I am stable for frig sakes! Having a blog should help with this right?

3- I am really interested in finding more people who share similar thoughts, feelings and emotions as me! This world is so cold, and division driven, its hard to find real, sincere, true people. I would love to build friendships near and far and take advantage of  “Life”. ( Side note- life your awful hard to understand buddy.)

You want to know what guys? I just want a place to talk, to vent and be myself. In my next blog/post/whatever the “savvy” blogger calls it, Maybe I’ll do a short break down of who I am.

Cheers! Honestybroad xo